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Производитель: Fermentis
English ale yeast is selected because of its rapid kinetics of fermentation and its ability to form a dense precipitate at the end of the process, thereby improving the clarity of the beer. Recommended for the production of an extensive range of horse fermentation beer and are especially adapted for fermentation in barrels or fermentation in cylinder cylinder tanks.

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Specially selected for secondary fermentation in a bottle and barrels.
BEST Acidulated Malt 3-6 ЕВС
Кислый солод. Для оптимизации уровня кислотности pH всех сортов пива.
Chateau Wheat Blanc 3,5-5,5 ЕВС
Wheat beers, white, light beers, beers with low or no alcohol.
Allow to produce a well-balanced beer with a low content of diacetyl and a delicate taste.
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