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Group of companies LLC "PRO-RESURS" - a reliable partner, supplying raw materials for food industry enterprises.
Good afternoon! Tell me what is the minimum possible order of order of malt, hops, yeast?
Hello! The site has this information. 300 kg or 15,000 rubles.
Hello! Please send the price list for all your products. What is the minimum order quantity? Can delivery by the transport company?
Hello! Our specialist will contact you. Of course, TC can be delivered to any region.
Good afternoon. Our customer in St. Petersburg is interested in a supplier of raw materials for a mini brewery. Our customer wants to cook three kinds of beer: Dark, Wheat, Light. What can you offer?
Hello! We can offer everything your client needs. Malt - wheat, light, special. Hops of different varieties. French yeast. could you please specify the request for sending to your offer address?
Hello, I'm planning to open a mini brewery, I'm interested in your price list to make a cost estimate
Hello! You can target all malt at 30r./kg, all hops at 240 rubles / kg. With a specific request, we will be pleased to provide you with a commercial offer.
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