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EP Minerals is a Celatom filter powder. Used for filtering beer, kvass, mead, other beverages and liquids using kieselguhr filters from differentmanufacturers. https://epminerals.com

Fermentis is a producer and developer of yeast cultures. The producer of yeast, intended for use in brewing, wine making and the production of alcoholicdrinks of different strengths, for which a fermentation process is required. http://www.fermentis.com/

CastleMalting® was founded in 1868. Today Castle Malting® is Belgium's oldest malt company and is famous for its individuality, as well as strict qualitystandards for malt produced. http://www.castlemalting.com/

BESTMALZ is a German group of companies producing premium malt, which is made from extra-quality brewing two-row spring barley, grown in ecologically cleanagricultural regions of Germany since 1899. http://www.bestmalz.com/

MALTOSA - Lithuanian caramel malt. It is used for obtaining strong beer of red-brown color. This caramel malt has the maximum content of caramel grains (upto 98%), rich in caramels and melanoidins. http://www.maltosa.lt/

Joh.Barth&Sohn GmbH & Co.KG - was founded in 1794. To date, the company is the leader in the trade of hops and its processing in Germany. http://barthhaasgroup.net

JSC "Malt House Suffle St. Petersburg" is a part of the large international agricultural holding GROUPESOUFFLET, one of the largest producers and suppliersof malt in the world. https://www.soufflet.com/

OOO BIZON is an agricultural enterprise in Belarus, where they seriously cultivate, produce and process hops. In a year here produce about 60 tons of "greengold" http://www.belhop.by/

JSC "BELSOLOD" - caramel malt from the Republic of Belarus http://belsolod.by

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