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BEST Caramel Munich I 81-100 ЕВС

Bag 50 kg
Производитель: BestMalz

BEST Caramel® Munich I is the palest of the BEST Caramel® Munich malts. The stronger the color, the more the malty flavor shifts from tasting sweet and caramely to become nuttier, reminiscent of almonds and slightly toasted like bread crusts. BEST Caramel® Munich malts can be used to produce wonderfully rich, dark colors in the beer, even if they make up a low percentage of the grain bill. Our unique BEST caramelization technique also achieves an exceptionally consistent degree of caramelization in the grain, making it easier to process during brewing and creating a pleasant flavor in the finished beer. BEST Caramel® Munich I complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot.

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