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About company

Welcome to PROSOLOD. Your partner on all matters relating to brewing.

ROSOLOD is a reliable partner, supplying raw materials for food industry enterprises. Working on partnership terms with malt houses, we are ready to offer you top-quality raw materials for beer production. The company PROSOLOD specializes in the supply of imported malt as premium class, and special malts, from the best European manufacturers. We also supply hop, yeast, kizilgur and detergents for you. A distinctive feature of the company is a wide range of products for the most demanding consumer.

We guarantee an individual approach to each of our clients!


Our team

Irina Gudkova
Vera Kuznetsova
Technologist, Specialist of sales Department
Marina Prudnikova
Specialist of sales Department
Diana Tarasiuk
Specialist of sales Department
Valeria Nadobko
Specialist of sales Department, PR specialist
Nikolay Rekuha
Head of sales of raw materials for beer production in Krasnodar
Andrey Kharitonov
The head of logistic department
Anton Druzhinskyi
Head of warehouse
Yulia Sheveleva
Specialist of the workflow department
Bugrin Aleksandr
Specialist in customs clearance
Ekaterina Semenova
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