Allows you to produce a well-balanced beer with a fruity and floral scent.

Allow to get a fairly neutral aroma of beer with excellent potency and ease of consumption.

Recommended for the production of fruit and ethereal profiles of beer lager type.

Polyvalent yeast, resistant with a neutral aromatic profile.

Specialized yeast, selected for fermentation of wheat beer.

Special yeast, selected for their properties to form spicy and peppery tones.

Specially selected for secondary fermentation in a bottle and barrels.

The ability to form a dense precipitate at the end of the process, thereby improving the…

Allow to produce a well-balanced beer with a low content of diacetyl and a delicate taste.

Suitable for cooking low-ester ales.

Active dry yeast is designed for strong beers with a high alcohol content.

Kieselguhr is used to filter beer, kvass, mead, other beverages.

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