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About company

About us

Welcome to PROSOLOD. Your partner on all matters relating to brewing. PROSOLOD is a reliable partner, supplying raw materials for food industry enterprises. Working on partnership terms with malt houses, we are ready to offer you top-quality raw materials for beer production. The company PROSOLOD specializes in the supply of imported malt as premium class, and special malts, from the best European manufacturers. We also supply hop, yeast, kizilgur and detergents for you. A distinctive feature of the company is a wide range of products for the most demanding consumer.
We guarantee an individual approach to each of our clients!

Terms of payment and delivery of products

The minimum order of production is 300 kg in weight or 15 000 rubles, including. VAT in monetary terms. If you are planning to make a smaller purchase, we are happy to provide you with the contacts of our partners. Shipment of products is carried out in a convenient way for you:
- Pickup from the warehouse company PROSOLOD,
- Delivery through any transport company,
- Delivery within St. Petersburg can be carried out by our own vehicle fleet (up to 2.5 tons)

EP Minerals is a Celatom filter powder. Used for filtering beer, kvass, mead, other beverages and liquids using kieselguhr filters from different manufacturers.

Fermentis is a producer and developer of yeast cultures. The producer of yeast, intended for use in brewing, wine making and the production of alcoholic drinks of different strengths, for which a fermentation process is required.

CastleMalting® was founded in 1868. Today Castle Malting® is Belgium's oldest malt company and is famous for its individuality, as well as strict quality standards for malt produced.

BESTMALZ is a German group of companies producing premium malt, which is made from extra-quality brewing two-row spring barley, grown in ecologically clean agricultural regions of Germany since 1899.

MALTOSA - Lithuanian caramel malt. It is used for obtaining strong beer of red-brown color. This caramel malt has the maximum content of caramel grains (up to 98%), rich in caramels and melanoidins.

Joh.Barth&Sohn GmbH & Co.KG - was founded in 1794. To date, the company is the leader in the trade of hops and its processing in Germany.

JSC "Malt House Suffle St. Petersburg" is a part of the large international agricultural holding GROUPESOUFFLET, one of the largest producers and suppliers of malt in the world.

OOO BIZON is an agricultural enterprise in Belarus, where they seriously cultivate, produce and process hops. In a year here produce about 60 tons of "green gold"

JSC "BELSOLOD" - caramel malt from the Republic of Belarus


Our advantages

Our advantages


We supply raw materials for brewing are guaranteed premium quality. Only the original packing bags, and pressurized packaging.


Working in partnership with malt houses, we can offer you a competitive price on our entire range.

Own site

All imported raw materials under test at a private industrial site, located in the Leningrad region. Turning to us, you get a proven, well-established technology.


Quick response to all requests, including highly qualified assistance of our experts, versed in the peculiarities of production technology of beer and used and products.

Wide spectrum

A wide range of malts from different manufacturers in stock in Saint-Petersburg and Krasnodar. Malt , hops , yeast , kieselguhr and detergents can be delivered in one shipment.

Uninterrupted supply

Uninterrupted supply of raw materials for brewing in the whole territory of the Russian Federation and the most optimal solution for packaging and delivery of Your order.


Top products

For Märzen, wheat beer, Bock and all dark beer styles.

Kieselguhr is used to filter beer, kvass, mead, other beverages.

Flower and fruit character.

For all beers with a smoky note as well as for Lager, wheat beers, Porter, Bocks and distillates…




Как определить вкус разных типов базового солода в пиве?

Как распознать пробу базового солода в пиве рассказывает Макс Райс (взят перевод с сайта Serious Eats).


Изменение ГОСТа на пиво

Относится пиво в категорию часто употребляемого продукта, поэтому важно, чтобы его качество было отменным. Изменить гостандарт предлагает «Роскачество». Главной задачей эксперты считают разделение пива и пивных напитков.


Рост популярности стилей альт и кёльш – как пивоварам подготовиться

Эксперты в сфере крафтового пивоварения в США считают, что в скором времени спрос на стили альт и кельш заметно вырастет. Поскольку популярность пивных стилей начинается именно с штатов, и затем приходит к нам, уже сейчас можно начинать подготовку к приготовлению рейнского пива.


Американский крепкий эль характеристики стиля и рецепт

Пивные стили – понятие занимательное. Одни пивовары их не признают, то другие настаивают на том, что стили – это основа системы пивоварения, и она должна оставаться неизменной. И то, и другое – крайности.



Company office

192148, Russia, St. Petersburg,

Zheleznodorozhniy Prospekt 36,

letter A, room 302

+7 (812) 560-87-11,


350080, Russia, Krasnodar,

Uralskaya street, 126/2, room 33

Stock in Krasnodar

Uralskaya street, 126/1

+7 (964) 321-28-72

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Stock in St. Petersburg

Russia, Saint-Petersburg,

Sverdlov village, 1st microdistrict, d.43, lit. A

For questions about the availability of goods in the warehouse, you should contact the office phone or leave a request for the selected products on the site.

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